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Our Purpose

We are a Board that serves as a governing body to local businesses in Camden’s Parkside and Whitman Park neighborhoods. Working with Parkside Business and Community in Partnership (PBCIP), we help to identify key elements for Haddon Avenue such as improving facades one store at a time, investing in smart solutions,and fostering partnerships within the community. Together, we are strengthening the vitality of the Haddon Avenue Business Corridor.

Our Values

Diligence | Focus | Hard Work | Commitment | Passion to Serve | Integrity
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Phone number

856-964-0440 Ext. 16




Office Address

1487 Kenwood Avenue

Camden, NJ 08103

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Our Board Members

Rashaan Hornsby, Co-Chair

Tawanda Jones, Co-Chair

Jonathan Wetstein, Vice Chair

Ajeenah Riggs, Secretary
Bridget Phifer, Treasurer 

to Business Members

Our Business Members

Bridget Phifer, PBCIP

Carol Lynn Daly &

Deana McDermott, 

Lourdes Health System

Camden Business Association

Davon Clark, ADC Kid

Derek Davis, ReFRESH Laundry

Gregory Carter, Entrepreneur 


Lisa Bishop, BFit4Life


Lt. Zsakhiem James, Camden

County Metro Police Department


Mario Elsayed, Mario's Pizza


Le'jean Thompson, Certified

Global Career Development Facilitator

Mimi West, WMB Construction


Oscar McCoy & Stefone Powell, DLG Development Corporation


Rashaan Hornsby, Visionary Entertainment, LLC


Robert Lucas, Jr., Donkey's


Troy and Ajeenah Riggs, The Camden Store Group


Vito Brasile, Bert's


Nyzia Easterling, Saving Grace Ministeries Inc.

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